Swarthmore Owes Its Students More

It can be difficult to be a student at Swarthmore. You are constantly trying to balance school work, a social life, sleep time, and possibly a job. There is always something that might throw your precariously teetering and hard-earned balance into disarray:

In support of academic freedom

One of our community members, Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies Sa’ed Atshan, has recently come to local and national attention. In brief, Atshan had months ago been invited to give a talk at Friends’ Central School — an elite Quaker college-preparatory

After incidents at UPenn, we stand in solidarity

This past week, following the presidential election, a surge in hate-based crimes and intimidation tactics against people of color, women, Muslims, immigrants, and LGBTQIA+ individuals have plagued the nation following President-elect Donald Trump’s clinching of the presidential nomination. These discriminatory actions have

Shows of solidarity important in any capacity

Over the course of the past two-and-a-half weeks, a series of violent and saddening events have shaken the world and inundated news and social media feeds alike. From acts of racism and violence on college campuses like Yale and Mizzou, to the