Artist of the Week Serena Yang ’23

Serena Yang ’23 is from New York City. She is our very first artist of the week who is a writer! Yang is in OASIS, on the editorial board of Small Craft Warnings, and hosts a WSRN radio show. She is also

OASiS open mic brings slam poetry to Swatties

A small but hearty crowd of students gathered at Kitao last Saturday to listen to poems and the occasional rap and song. The open mic was hosted by Swarthmore’s Organization for Low Income Students and Our Art Spoken in Soul — Swarthmore’s

Remi Kanazi performs at Intercultural Center

Last Wednesday evening, walking into the comfy and colorful IC room for Remi Kanazi’s event, who has had his political commentary featured in news outlets all over the world such as Salon, Al Jazeera English, and BBC radio event, I was pleasantly

A community of campus writers steadily grows

Swarthmore writers come in all forms and draw inspiration from a variety of sources. They all, however, are linked by their passion for writing and a shared enthusiasm for written expression, from poetry to prose.  Many Swarthmore writers, from renowned, published alumni

CUPSI Showcase

Last year, Swarthmore students travelled to Los Angeles to participate for the first time in the College Union Poetry Slam Invitational. This year Swarthmore’s CUPSI team will compete again, this time at Barnard College in New York. This year’s team consists of