“Severance” Confronts Our Selves

Against the void of the black screen, a muffled voice asks: “Who are you?” This is the opening line and driving question of Apple TV+’s new series “Severance.” In a sea of high-concept science fiction series on the market right now, “Severance”

Living in a PSIence PHIctional world

When asked about the purpose of Psi phi, most of the presidents seemed to agree that aside from serving as a social sphere, the purpose of Psi Phi is to engage in shenanigans. The club hosts various events throughout the year with

From Pholk to Psi Phi: Evolution of the ‘Dactyl

The Swarthmore pterodactyl hunt is a tradition like no other. Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, is almost certainly the only place in the world where in early October, pterodactyls take over campus, and a grueling battle for freedom ensues. A whole host of other monsters