Sunset on Sophomore

Amethyst.   You exercise patience, forgiveness, and acceptance. You often think to yourself: “There are times when I’m an ambitious warrior blazing my own path, defying destiny’s claws to the last. But during times like today, I’m just alive.” Today started out fine.

A Journey Through Memories

“Blossoming Bonds: South Carolina Adventures” This image, featuring a tender white blossom set against a soothing pink canvas, evokes memories of the profound connections among our track team members on our memorable South Carolina journey. As we ventured together, eager to compete

Pandemic Freshmen

When you’re a little kid, you have a general idea of what your first day in college will look like. Suitcases in hand and a backpack on your shoulders, you walk across a crowded campus, green as eager upperclassmen shove club posters

Twenty-Twenty: Reflections on Graduation

Graduation was never meant to be about me. I made my peace with that even before I got to college. Graduation was for the family I left behind, for them to parade me around and proclaim, “Look at our daughter! She has


To Progress

I am scared. We are at the nexus of an immovable moment in our modern history. What we know to be true has been a perfuse fallacy. Our existence and future is no more real than answering to the proverbial question: what

What the Arts Means at Swarthmore

As the year comes to an end, most of us are left to reflect on the time we have spent at Swarthmore College and what we have been able to do so far. One of the most amazing things has been the

Well, That Was a Mess

  Wow. Just like that, my first year at Swarthmore is almost over. The days of claiming innocent naivety, being the baby on the block, and being able to ride the train of not knowing what the heck to major in are

The power of low expectations

When I arrived in Stockholm a month ago for study abroad I suddenly found myself with a lot more free time than I was used to. Even though I am still in four classes I didn’t have my extra-curricular activities and wasn’t