Landscapes of Violence

Recent protest movements have highlighted the ongoing racial and environmental destruction caused by our industrialized society. The actions of supposedly Democratic governments are disgraceful and a painful reminder of our broken capitalist system. A system that has caused, and continues to cause,


C4 Students Protest Covanta Incinerator in Media

The country’s largest trash incinerator is only four miles away from Swarthmore. On March 16, Chester City residents and students in the area protested its presence once again due to health and environmental concerns. Recently, the City of Chester renewed its contract

Letter to the Editor: Regarding the BAC Strike

Dear Editors: We members of the class of 1960 have read with concern the article in The Phoenix of November 16 describing the strike being sponsored by the Black Affinity Coalition.  The BAC’s Open Letter to Faculty and Staff and its letter


No Justice, No Peace: On The Role of Violence

In recent months, we have seen calls for “peace” and “civility” aimed at the Black Lives Matter movement. The argument made is that violence and riots are not the proper way to achieve change. At its core, this argument asserts that “true

Student Protests, Hunger Strike Follow Phi Psi Sit-In

[Editor’s note: This article addresses events that happened in the Spring 2019 semester after our last regular issue of The Phoenix was published. Now that the school year and our coverage has resumed, we are covering these events now because they are

Local Sheet Metal Workers’ Union Pickets at BEP Site

On August 27th, Sheet Metal Workers Local Union 19 held a protest outside of the Biology, Engineering, and Psychology building construction site. A statement the union posted on their Facebook page cites Swarthmore’s decision to hire Quality Heating and Air Conditioning, a

President Smith rejects Sabra boycott, SJP responds

In an all-campus email sent out on Monday, April 30, President Valerie Smith announced that Swarthmore would continue to sell Sabra products, despite calls from Students for Justice in Palestine and allied campus groups to boycott the company for its ties to

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