The Phoenix Is Back in Print

The very first issue of The Phoenix was printed on December 1, 1881. Its inaugural editorial board was a group of eleven students with a desire to provide their community with an advocate for truth and independence through fair and honest journalism.

Editorial: Thank You, Bartash

Every year at The Phoenix, editors and writers come and go, editorial policies get revised, and the general character of the paper changes. The one thing that has stayed the same over the past 10 years has been a company the vast

The Death of Online News

Since 1881, we at The Phoenix have worked tirelessly to write pieces relevant to the Swarthmore community that are informative and conducive to discourse. As we continue to publish, we aim to stay ahead of the curve. It takes visionaries to know

The purpose of print: a case for the Phoenix

In an increasingly digital world, print journalism is increasingly seen as unnecessary and outdated. News now circulates at an incredibly fast pace and is no longer restricted to traditional sources, like radio stations and newspapers. People are more likely to hear about global