The Great Swarthmore Presidential Hoax of 1953

Upon hearing President Smith’s recent announcement regarding her sabbatical, I was reminded of an incident that occurred in 1953 as Swarthmore was left presidentless by then-president John Nason’s announcement of his retirement. As the presidential search committee began to scour the country

Schultz Candidacy Might Prevent a Trump Defeat

Howard Schultz, the former CEO of Starbucks, recently announced in a 60 Minutes interview that he is “seriously considering” running for president as an independent in 2020. While we should hope that the field of candidates running against Donald Trump is large,

Congress’ critical role

When Donald Trump takes the oath of office just under two months from now, the Office of President of the United States will enter a new era—one that will thrust it into territory unfamiliar to most of us. In the 25 years