Trends from Global Re-Elections: The People Are Restless

Since June of this year, only one prime minister and no presidents have been freely reelected. In eleven other free and fair elections, incumbents and their parties have lost reelection, failing to present their case to voters. In fact, in 2023 as

Atshan, Thakkar Discuss Pacifism in Emergency Night Owls Event

On Saturday, Nov. 18, Assistant Political Science Professor Jonny Thakkar hosted a Night Owls event on pacifism with Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies Sa’ed Atshan. Night Owls is a philosophical discussion forum started at Swarthmore by Thakkar this semester. At the

We Already Have a Multi-Party System, At Least In Congress

On Tuesday afternoon, eight Republicans — one moderate, one establishment, and six hardline — joined with 208 Democrats to remove Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) as Speaker of the House. This leaves, effectively, 210 Republicans in support of McCarthy, 208 Democrats in favor of

Margaret MacMillan Comes to Swarthmore College to Talk About War

On Sept. 8, Margaret MacMillan, Professor Emeritus of International History at the University of Oxford, held a public lecture entitled “Friend or Foe? War and Society?” as part of the 2022-23 Cooper Lecture Series.  MacMillan was invited to campus by the political

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