Russia in the 90s: Poetry and Revolution

As today’s media becomes increasingly politicized, polarized, and privatized, cultural journalism has taken a step back. The Trump-era news cycle has dichotomized the reading experience into an all-or-nothing approach. Many either find themselves inundated with ever-increasing political entanglements or become so overwhelmed

Julian Randall ’16 Stuns with Debut Poetry Collection

Even the cover of “Refuse,” Julian Randall’s debut poetry collection, makes a bold statement: the title is in sharp black letters against a stormy sky, with a winged black boy in the foreground, seemingly struggling to fly. This stunning image by the

Foibles, Feelings, and Feminism

As rain falls gently upon Sproul Hall, Alok Vaid-Menon asked the audience a plaintive question: “Where do all the sad girls go?” Their voice lingers around the dome; their vocals layered by a loop station that filled the space with hypnotic charm

On Thursdays, a New Phonic Phenomenon in WSRN

The resonant hum of a tenor saxophone underlies the fluctuations in rhythm and sound of a chorus of small drums, strings, and vocal expressions. Recited words trade meaning back and forth with a long-necked didgeridoo, as if emboldening each other to be



137 Mutation 12/23/2017   Remember when you debauched my mind?   The leaves you saw crinkle pleasantly, the contributions they give to our eyes matter to me, at least. Even at their cycle’s end The gift of color shakes our shape-shifting cornucopia

MLK Commemoration Week

During the week of Jan. 22, the college held a series of events to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy and build a safe, welcoming community. From a candlelight vigil on the steps of the Black Cultural Center to a campus-wide