In PA, Oil Pollutes More Than Just Water

The Mariner East 2 pipeline in Pennsylvania has already leaked multiple times during its construction. Despite the enormous risk it poses to surrounding communities, including water, agriculture, and native land, state and federal authorities have not stopped its construction. The pipeline is

Anti-pipeline candidates elected with help from Sunrise

Sunrise lead a successful effort to elect opponents of the Mariner East II pipeline, currently under construction, to township boards in Chester County. Four officials who won last Tuesday’s municipal elections promise they will enforce local ordinances designed to protect community members


Chopp Sponsors Student Protest of Keystone XL Pipeline

“Crippling drought. Devastating wildfires. Superstorm Sandy. Climate has come home — and the American people get it.” These words are the slogan of the “Forward on Climate” rally scheduled for Feb. 17.The protest stands in opposition to the proposed Tar Sands Pipeline