Solar Eclipse Gathers Hundreds at Swarthmore

On Monday, April 8, over 100 Swarthmore students, faculty, and community members gathered to watch a partial solar eclipse. Although Swarthmore was not in the path of totality for a full solar eclipse, the moon covered 88.8% of the sun, which viewers

Rocketry Club Takes Off

Designing rockets that reach mile-high altitudes may seem like something only available to professionals, but thanks to Swarthmore’s Rocketry Club, students here at Swarthmore are building and launching their own rockets.  The rocketry club was founded by Kevin Dee ’22 and Simon

Artist of the Week Elliot Kenaston on (De)construction

When Elliot Kenaston ’22 faced the prospect of spending his academic year confined indoors due to COVID, he opted to take a gap year instead to hone in on a new, tangible skill: woodworking. Elliot, who grew up in Fairbanks, Alaska, clearly

Physics Lab Dropped the Ball

I am displeased with how our Physics Department has served me. Not in that it had bad intentions or treated me with disrespect, but it failed to teach me what it means to do physics. Specifically, I am unhappy with the Physics

Why does my math class have so few girls?

Why does my math class have so few girls? Why did the engineering department here have only one female professor last year? These are the types of questions many girls in S.T.E.M. at Swat tend to ask ourselves. Issues of underrepresentation of

The Need for Femininity in Physics

Imagine finding these lines in a physics textbook: “A woman is pushing a stroller with velocity V… A woman is giving birth, having contractions at rate W… A woman is scrubbing the kitchen floor with force F…” This is a quote from