Anonymous Commenting is BACK

The Phoenix Editorial Board is once again allowing anonymous commenting on our website. This policy change took effect on Monday and overturned a Fall 2019 policy update that required comments to be submitted under a legitimate-looking email for The Phoenix to approve

The Phoenix In Review: Editors’ Picks

With the academic year soon coming to a close, The Phoenix’s Editorial Board has taken time to reflect on the collective body of work of our incredible, indispensable, dedicated writers. Here are our picks. NEWS Over this turbulent past year, The Phoenix’s


The Phoenix is Advertising

We at The Phoenix will begin featuring ads in both our online and print editions. While past iterations of The Phoenix have featured ads, our publication has solely relied on SBC funding for the past three years. We feel, however, the need

The Phoenix Mission Statement: 2020

As we begin the Spring 2020 semester, The Phoenix editorial board wants to reflect on our purpose and responsibilities as a publication and formally revise our mission statement. Since 1881, The Phoenix has undertaken the task of devoting itself to the best

Unequivocally Rejecting Swarthmore Hate

On Sunday March 3, SGO voted to support Students for Justice in Palestine’s resolution to “ban the ban” and to end the college’s investments in seven companies involved in the occupation of Palestine. That same day, Swarthmore Hate, an anonymous Twitter account,

Swarthmore Should Commit More Fully to Climate Action

On January 29, Middlebury College announced its “Energy2028” plan that commits the school to convert to 100 percent renewable energy by 2028. This commitment includes moving to 100 percent renewable energy for electric and thermal power, reducing energy consumption by 25 percent,

Fall 2018 in Review

Over the course of the semester, The Phoenix has reported on campus life from a variety of angles. In this last issue of the semester, the editorial board is highlighting pieces that we think have significant value to the Swarthmore community. If

The Phoenix: A Commitment to our Community

Here at the Phoenix, we may not appear to change from semester to semester as our product appears the same. We continue to print and publish pieces online every Thursday and we continue to produce sections that highlight news, arts, sports, and

A dive into the archives

In light of recent events on campus, the editorial board figured it would be worth digging into past issues of the Phoenix printed decades ago to see what students back then had been writing about the college. Surprisingly, some of the headlines

Thank you to the Phoenix

I always crave mozzarella sticks from Essie’s at ten o’clock on Wednesday nights. I’m not sure why mozzarella sticks exactly — maybe it’s because they’re weighty, and I crave them in the hopes they’ll anchor me to the ground. Regardless, I know