Community Reacts to New Sharples Commons 

The second phase of the Dining and Community Commons project, Sharples Commons, opened for student use on Feb. 26. Sharples Commons was first announced back in the fall semester of 2018. At its official opening, the Office of Student Engagement (OSE) organized

Annual Ninjagrams Deliver Students Joy

On Friday, Feb. 16, Swarthmore students took part in the annual tradition of Ninjagrams. The tradition allows students to pre-purchase cards and chocolates to be delivered by students acting as ninjas for the day, weaving in and out of buildings to ambush


The Crum Regatta Returns (Again)

On April 22, Swarthmore students will race down Crum Creek for the first time in two years. The Crum Regatta is a close to 50-year-old Swarthmore tradition where students race down the creek in self-made boats and rafts. Teams are eligible for


Worthstock 2022 Begins Planning Phase

It’s official: Worthstock is back.  Worthstock, a beloved Swarthmore tradition, happens during the last Sunday before the finals of the spring semester in which the College hosts a band or artist that plays live music in the Worth courtyard. Usually, food, bounce

Full Occupancy: Housing Circumstances During Fall 2021

With the Fall 2021 semester underway, students are beginning to shift focus and concerns away from their housing situations to academics. As the college returns to full student occupancy on campus, however, living arrangements have proved to be another challenge for both

A Fair on the Beach!

On Friday, September 3 at 3:30 p.m. on Parrish Beach, Swarthmore students kicked off their first in-person Student Activities Fair since before the COVID-19 pandemic over a year ago.  A festive end to the first week of classes on campus, the fair


What Swarthmore Students Did During Spring Break

Last year, the college extended the ongoing spring break when COVID became a pandemic and the entire country shut down for quarantine. This year, many colleges in the U.S. had no spring break at all. At Swarthmore, this year’s spring break was

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