Let NPPR Residents Use Their Own Balcony

A few recent Phoenix articles have commented on the lack of responsiveness from the College regarding COVID-19 policies and OneCard access for the college at large. While the coronavirus pandemic is clearly far from over, many have had difficulty connecting the dots

Give Us Back Pre-COVID OneCard Access

Columnist Zachary Robinson ’20’s piece on Swarthmore’s COVID-19 plan last week pointed out Swarthmore’s persistent, restrictive OneCard policy that bars students from entering dorms in which they do not live and buildings that were previously accessible 24/7 like Sci and Parrish. The

OneCard expands access, increases options

When the OneCard system at the college was launched in May 2016, it was implemented to create a single system that would enable students to have card access to most buildings on campus. Now, the OneCard serves as an ID, a key

Revamped Paces Cafe hopeful for greater customer satisfaction

For the past couple semesters, Paces Cafe has been rapidly changing its policies to be more tailored to the students. This semester, it has continued updating by increasing OneCard access, expanding its staff, and customizing its menu. For instance, the second semester