Swat Thai and i20 Celebrate Thai New Year

On Friday, April 12, students gathered outside the InterCenter (IC) to play trivia, participate in water games, and enjoy Thai food to celebrate Songkran — Thai New Year — for an event held by Swat Thai and i20 Swarthmore International Club.  Songkran

The Phoenix: A Commitment to our Community

Here at the Phoenix, we may not appear to change from semester to semester as our product appears the same. We continue to print and publish pieces online every Thursday and we continue to produce sections that highlight news, arts, sports, and

Rekindling romance after a long summer

As I return to campus for the new year, I find myself remembering forgotten details from the previous semester: surprisingly heavy boxes in Secure Storage, overlooked feuds with assholes past, boring classes on my schedule. Other elements, however, have been more confusing