NBA Championship Contenders

After months of game postponements, cancelations, and a compressed schedule, finishing the NBA season will be an accomplishment in and of itself. The season just recently reached its half-way point, as the annual All-Star festivities took place two weekends ago. With the


The State of Sports Gambling

In 2015, Tayla Polia made a five-dollar bet on fifteen NFL games at 20,000 to one odds. By the end of the weekend, she had made $100,005. Most people that engage in sports gambling, however, are not as lucky as Polia. In

Looking Ahead to Summer 2019 in Sports

As the semester winds down and your favorite Swarthmore athletic teams close out their seasons, a fearful question begins to reside inside you: “How will I fulfill my need for sports-viewing while being away from campus for the summer?!” Unfortunately, it is

NBA Playoffs Kick Off, Missing a Familiar Face

With the NBA season finally in the books, the playoffs are underway! For the next few weeks (from April 13 through the start of June), sixteen different teams will vie for the title of ‘world champions,’ and the opportunity to be immortalized

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