Ahoy to the Really Cool Space Pirates Poster

Avast ye who have not watched this epic, space-faring tale yet, this section is for ye landlubbers, I mean, hearties!  Hardy-har-har to all eyes who cast their gaze upon this article! Fresh out of pirate puns after that last sentence, I’d like

“No Sudden Move” Review

Steven Soderbergh’s most recent crime thriller, “No Sudden Move,” proceeds just like the name would suggest: slowly. The film is shot with a wide-angle lens, the background of Detroit rolling off the edges of the screen distorted and discarded. So it goes

On The Horror of “I’m Thinking of Ending Things”

[NOTE: This review contains spoilers.] Charlie Kaufman’s 2020 film, “I’m Thinking of Ending Things,” begins with a woman considering breaking up with her boyfriend, Jake — in other words, ending things. Unfortunately for her, she’s about to embark on a long road

‘Moxie’ Reviewed: I’m Not Upset, Just Disappointed

In the film adaption of the book with the same title, Moxie (Amy Poehler, 2021) follows 16-year-old Vivian (Hadley Robinson) as she publishes an anonymous zine in response to sexism at her school. The movie begins with Vivian, an introverted junior, struggling

Something About Manic Pixie Dream Girls

A basic introduction to myself: My name is Rodessa (Dessa) Caguioa and, since middle school, I’ve had a fascination with tropes. I’m talking about the clichés you see in the media such as damsels in distress, the sick person, Chekhov’s gun —

Escaping and Searching in “The Wild Goose Lake”

When I was listing the films to watch for Philadelphia Film Festival in late October, I couldn’t help noticing a critically acclaimed Chinese film that was proudly selected to compete for the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival this year. “The

“Akira” and the Pleasure of Destruction

Content warning: Nuclear meltdown, self-destruction.  Spoilers ahead The post-apocalyptic Neo-Tokyo painted by the creators of “Akira” features Blade Runner-esque neon buildings, fanatic cults worshipping the mysterious “Akira,” violent anti-government street protests, and Tetsuo and Kaneda’s slick, crowbar-wielding bike gang. “Akira” is an

The King: Netflix Tried

As the screen went black, my neck cracked in a few places, and a light timorous applause arose, all I could immediately recall was Robert Pattinson’s awful French accent.  In 2013, Warner Bros. announced that director David Michôd (Animal Kingdom, multiple awards,