My Chemical Romance and the Ghost of Fall Break

Breaks are typically a breath of fresh air — a welcome detox from the overwhelming nature of academia. Breaks are something to look forward to and help cut the monotony of seemingly endless exams, papers, and demanding extracurriculars. After all, nothing beats

A Stepping Stone for Progressives

Across the country, millions of voters headed to the polls on November 6 to cast a ballot in this year’s midterm elections. NPR notes that voter turnout was the highest for a U.S. midterm election since 1966, with 47 percent of eligible

Voter Suppression in North Dakota Must Be Stopped

One of the most important battlegrounds for determining which party controls the Senate this year is one of the most sparsely populated states, North Dakota. Without a victory in North Dakota, the Democrats’ path to control of the Senate was almost impossible,

We Must Keep our Attention Local

There is much to be optimistic about from Tuesday’s midterm elections. Democrats flipped the House of Representatives, giving them the control over motions brought to the floor and the power to subpoena the President, which will allow them to investigate Trump’s tax


What’s on your Ballot? 161st District Edition

This midterm election, the town of Swarthmore is well-represented in the polls. Three out of five positions on the ballot include candidates who are residents of the town and its immediate surroundings.  Swarthmore was also recently moved into the 5th congressional district,

Jess King is a Candidate to Watch

When one thinks about progressive politics, it is likely that rural Pennsylvania is not the first location to come to mind. That is exactly where we should be looking this election season, however, to Lancaster, PA — in Jess King’s campaign for

Editorial: spring break for…never?

The term “spring break” may be a misnomer for the week without classes given to students at the college each March. A “break” would imply a pause in work or activity, however, we at the Phoenix believe that when professors schedule midterms