Crum Creek Meander prompts creative engagement

To the editor: In the recent editorial titled “The Problem with Crum Creek Meander,” Phoenix editors implied that Stacy Levy’s sculpture is deficient because it has inspired pranks and some students dismissed it as a “carwash.” Rather than wish there to be

The problem with Crum Creek Meander

Public art is always contested — it would be preposterous to think that a community of more than 1500 students, let alone faculty, staff, and visitors to campus, could ever agree on the aesthetics of a large-scale, public artwork. However, the Crum

The Crum, brought indoors

  Stacy Levy is an artist entranced with nature and its relationship to the man-made industrial world.  Her pieces of temporary art are intended to be collaborative projects, interactive with nature and the community they exist in. While some pieces of art