Swarthering Heights

Upon emerging from the murky bowels of Swarthmore, we craved the light of day and the feeling of wind in our hair. Blinking the darkness out of our eyes, we trundled about campus in search of our next adventure. Having spent so

Swarthmore’s Hidden Underbelly

This week your intrepid marauders adventure into the deepest bowels of Swarthmore’s campus, and they inadvertently stumble upon little-known coincidences in presidential history along with a bitter, decades-long international controversy.

Tales From Beyond the Henge

Learn about the history of Crumhenge and other secrets of the Crum in this second installment of the Gazette's series of hidden places around Swarthmore.

Parrish Dome

The Gazette explores Swarthmore's hidden places in a new series. In this first installment, we go up into the dome of Parrish, check out what was once a library and then an illicit student hangout, and take pictures from the roof.