Athletes quit over academics and strained rapports with coaches

Though Swarthmore prides itself on its academic pedigree, the college isn’t all about churning out class after class of intellectually inquisitive scholars. The college catalogue explicitly states the promotion of a well-rounded, valuable societal asset is best supplemented by a varied program

Deep baseball bullpen throws down

The Swarthmore baseball bullpen is comprised of 12 pitchers and serves as one of the strongest pitching staffs the program has had for the past four years. Despite having a predominantly young bullpen, the athletes have created a pitching-dominant team and have

Arms carry baseball through spring trip

This past spring break, the baseball team escaped Swarthmore’s notoriously inclement winter weather and took a week-long trip to the Sunshine State. With great facilities, warm weather, and challenging competition at their disposal, the team was able to remove themselves from the