Phoenix Poll Finds a Divided Student Body

Last Tuesday and Wednesday, polling by The Phoenix found Swarthmore students split on a range of issues both on and off campus. In the poll, 86 students at Crumb Cafe responded to a series of questions about the college administration, the upcoming


The Phoenix in Conversation with Nadia Abu El-Haj

Hillary Tran: How do you respond to critics who might accuse your work of being one-sided or biased against Israel?  Nadia Abu El-Haj: I would say my analysis of the state fits in with the large comparative literature on colonialism and recognizes

Our Protests Should Be More Thoughtful

There are few moments when it is not worth listening to someone. This should be an obvious truism, yet it feels like an increasingly contentious position. When a group of my fellow students interrupted Haverford College Professor of Political Science Barak Mendelsohn