“Akira” and the Pleasure of Destruction

Content warning: Nuclear meltdown, self-destruction.  Spoilers ahead The post-apocalyptic Neo-Tokyo painted by the creators of “Akira” features Blade Runner-esque neon buildings, fanatic cults worshipping the mysterious “Akira,” violent anti-government street protests, and Tetsuo and Kaneda’s slick, crowbar-wielding bike gang. “Akira” is an

The Dreamy, Misty Wasteland of “Kaili Blues” (2016)

In the deserted seats of a rickety, mint-colored train, a single man dozes, his sallow face blending into the moss green shadows that swallow the train up as it enters a mountain tunnel. Against the train’s mechanical rumble,  a raspy, disembodied voice

“The Handmaiden”: Deception, Sensuality, Masterpiece

“The Handmaiden” is a 2016 Korean film by Park Chan-wook that premiered internationally at Cannes Film Festival, where it was highly anticipated and met with resounding critical acclaim. Many consider Park Chan-wook to be the filmmaker who put Korean cinema on the