Notes on Phenomenology from a Freshman Perspective

The concept of college, from applications to attendance, is interlaced with the goal of identifying who you are. This is obvious from the very beginning of the college search process. “What schools will help you accomplish your goals?” “Which will offer the

Working Women: Portraits of Rural Labor in Southern Vermont

Throughout my multimedia documentary project “Glass Door” (parts of which have been featured in two previous Phoenix issues), I have become increasingly interested in not only how one’s work informs identity, but how the identities of workers inform the overall culture of

Reflecting on Denice Frohman

Six years ago, in my first year of high school, I watched a spoken word poem performed online entitled, “Dear Straight People.” For the first time I heard the words, “Dear Queer Young Girl, I see you. You don’t want them to

Don’t Impose Identities on Others

Assumptions are some of the earliest developed tools we humans have, ingrained in us from those older ones who “know better.” Whether learned through stereotypes or overdone jokes, it’s not particularly uncommon to have ready-made expectations about what identities people may have

Order a pizza, and it shall come

Salam sejahtera, saya mampu bertutur dalam pelbagai bahasa dan ia memperkasakan saya — Hi, I speak multiple languages and that empowers me. As an ethnic Chinese from Malaysia (a country that’s not particularly kind to the children of immigrants), I was brought

A Happy Psuedo-Persian New Year

When it comes to observing cultural holidays while at Swat, being away from my home and family has always been a challenge. No matter the occasion, I always find myself defying conventional traditionalism and celebrating a filtered-down, dorm-room-makeshift interpretation of the holiday.

Browning America: Into the alterity of mestizxs

In the colonial lexicon of Latin America during the 19th century, mestizos were perceived as subordinate iterations of the white, European self. This class in the caste system consisted of people of mixed Spanish and indigena lineage, occupying the intermediate space of

Checking boxes

When I landed in Beijing this past summer, everything was the same as I had remembered it: my house still had the same awkward color paint cracking off of its sides, the air was still filled with an unique mix of cigarette