Hurricane impacts on new students

Recall for a moment moving into your dorm your freshman year of college. For most, the worries are relatively simple: where do my posters go? Do my sheets match my rug? Will my parents really call me every day? But, for quite


Sandy’s Wake of Destruction Touches Swatties

Most Americans and people worldwide have depended on devastating photos, videos, and news stories to know the details of last week’s Hurricane Sandy. Many Swarthmore students have used the campus’ 18-hour power outage and the anomaly of two-day class cancellation as proof


Swarthmore Community Comes Together During Storm

On Sunday afternoon, members of the Swarthmore College community received an email informing them that the college would be closed on the following Monday and Tuesday because of the impending arrival of Hurricane Sandy. As the dorms erupted in joy at this

Sandy and Seniors settling in (Wharton) CD

I live in Wharton CD first, an exclusively senior hall in an exclusively—minus one junior—senior section. The trade-off for the lack of awkward leaning-in-the-doorway-chatting-with-someone-in-the-room interactions that vamp up the noise level of the hall is that hall life is virtually non-existent.At this

The Climatology of Hurricanes

When I decided to come to Swarthmore, I never considered Philadelphia a place that was ever hit by hurricanes. Now, in the past two years, two major hurricanes or tropical storms have hit the area. This week’s devastating weather may have just

Women’s Soccer Prepares for Centennial Playoffs

After concluding the regular season with a scoreless tie against Haverford on Saturday, the Swarthmore woman’s soccer team (11-5-1, 6-3-1 Centennial Conference) moved on to the postseason. The Garnet’s conference record was good for a tie for 4th place with Muhlenberg College