Honors Program Enrollment Up for Class of 2019

The number of seniors doing an honors major is up by 34 students this year contrary to rumors of declining enrollment in the program. While the number of students involved in the Honors Program varies by department, the data show that around

Why some CS majors aren’t doing Honors

In its Nov 5 edition, the Phoenix published an article about the decline in Honors participation across Swarthmore, claiming it correlates with an increase in participation in the natural sciences. In particular, computer science was named twice as a department contributing to


Calendar changes shorten honors exam period

Last week, Provost Tom Stephenson emailed students and faculty the official academic calendar schedule for the spring of 2017. The new calendar shortens the time between the end of classes and Commencement. The email expresses a specific interest in meeting the needs

An open letter to President Chopp

President Chopp, I got home from work today and eagerly started reading the book for Swarthmore’s 150th, “Swarthmore College, A Community of Purpose.” It was especially enjoyable to read about the birth of the honors program under President Aydelotte and how it