Are Two Phoenixes Better than One?

Two campus newspapers, both alike in dignity, In fair Swarthmore, where we lay our scene, From ancient grudge break to new mutiny, Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean. In the Mar. 15 edition of The Phoenix from 1963, a proposal to

Not Enough Tar in Your Lungs? Blame the FDA!

In light of the recent whooping cough case at Swarthmore College, it seems reasonable to examine some of the ways people have dealt with coughs – including whooping cough – in the past, and what is preventing us from doing so now. 

Engineering and Liberal Arts: Coke and Mentos?

With the official release of Swarthmore Forward, the college initiates its next phase of strategic planning. According to the plan, “…members of the Swarthmore community have studied, deliberated, and envisioned the College’s future”. By my count, planning included the work of 34

The Great Swarthmore Presidential Hoax of 1953

Upon hearing President Smith’s recent announcement regarding her sabbatical, I was reminded of an incident that occurred in 1953 as Swarthmore was left presidentless by then-president John Nason’s announcement of his retirement. As the presidential search committee began to scour the country

We Need More Artistic Diversity in Museums

Art and history are intrinsically intertwined, as history, whether it be that of ancient societies or the modern day, is exhibited within artworks left behind. One of the most important jobs art has, then, is the preservation and exportation of history. It

Tri-College Launches New Asian American Studies Program

This year, students in the Tri-College Consortium have the opportunity to minor in a new interdisciplinary program: program: Asian American Studies. The minor officially launched in the Fall 2022 semester, but work started in 2017 with support from faculty in the the

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