Thank a Haverford Student, No Seriously

As you may recall from orientation, Swarthmore was founded as a Quaker college. Specifically, Swarthmore was founded as a Hicksite Quaker college. You may be asking yourself, “What is a Hicksite Quaker college?” If you’ve ever been awed by Swarthmore’s prestige, rigor,

Our Protests Should Be More Thoughtful

There are few moments when it is not worth listening to someone. This should be an obvious truism, yet it feels like an increasingly contentious position. When a group of my fellow students interrupted Haverford College Professor of Political Science Barak Mendelsohn

Top 10 Off-Campus Day Trips

As the school year dies down and summer approaches, it’s a good time to procrastinate completely on all your looming responsibilities and instead enjoy a nice trip off campus. “But where?” you ask. “Is there anything in Pennsylvania beyond Quakers and trees?”