Twenty-Twenty: Reflections on Graduation

Graduation was never meant to be about me. I made my peace with that even before I got to college. Graduation was for the family I left behind, for them to parade me around and proclaim, “Look at our daughter! She has

On Housing Accommodations and Student Disability Services

Swarthmore students at large do not need to worry about the housing lottery process until mid April, but the considerable number of students who need housing accommodations are facing a deadline this Friday in order to start the application process. With only

It’s Time to Get Rid of Gendered Bathrooms

I am a cis woman, so I have never had to give much thought to my choice of bathroom. In fact, it wasn’t until I got to Swarthmore three years ago that I even encountered the idea of gender-inclusive restrooms, which are


Genderfuck Re-examined

Every spring, the college hosts a party known for its prominent and eye-popping title: Genderfuck. The term “genderfuck” refers to the deliberate effort to play with traditional notions of gender identity, which assume that one’s identity, role and orientation are determined by