We Are More Together Now

The other day, the coldest day so far this term, I couldn’t help but notice pairs of friends all over campus walking arm-in-arm, holding each other tight. I noticed as they sprang in uniform steps through the redwood alley or floated blissfully


Fall Screw: Making a New Swarthmore Tradition

On Saturday, Oct. 23, kings and queens, pirates, frogs, the sun and moon, Daphne and Fred, and many other creatures and characters all dined in Sharples on blind dates. The much beloved Screw Your Roommate tradition was back in action, but this

Freshman Falls

Dear my inner psyche,  I deliver yet another shipment of overwhelming mysteries unsolved by a weary “detective.” The freshman experience is all that’s on my mind now. Let’s talk about it?!? No reply (I mean, I am talking to you who is

Lonely Greetings: Your People

Wrinkle. Twist, squirm, SUN. His eyes open to take in the annoying morning light as his body rises to start the blessed day known as Friday. Like every responsible adult, he seeks to hush the vibrations and song of the 3-D magic

Dear fellow first-years, you are not alone

Have you ever felt introducing yourself to new friends this semester is more awkward than it was last semester? Have you ever crossed list after list of activities you find unappealing? Have you ever forced yourself to remain in a club, organization,

Matchbox Matchups: Friends reunite

Awkwardness has long been a treasured hallmark of the social landscape of the college. Awkward social interactions can be found in classrooms, dining areas, dorms, and really anywhere that students gather. There is likely nowhere this awkwardness is more at home than

An exercise in entropy

It’s an oft-stated and well-treaded fact that systems tend toward disorder. This tendency is called entropy, and to say that systems tend towards disorder is to say that the available energy in a system (energy that is available for work) decreases. Another