Our Protests Should Be More Thoughtful

There are few moments when it is not worth listening to someone. This should be an obvious truism, yet it feels like an increasingly contentious position. When a group of my fellow students interrupted Haverford College Professor of Political Science Barak Mendelsohn

What is Freedom of Speech?

As a citizen of China, one of the most oppressive regimes in the world, I must say that I am disappointed by my fellow liberals’ indifference toward free speech. My experience tells me that whether or not citizens have the right to

The self defeating dualism of a safe and intellectual campus

Editor’s note: This article was written and submitted before the events of Tuesday at Mizzou’s campus transpired. Content warning: Racial violence Yale University, University of Missouri and Wesleyan College have recently seen varying levels of national coverage for incidents concerning speech tolerance

When anonymous, free speech gets murky

4chan, the petulant child of the internet, acted up again in the past few weeks. Unlike an errant toddler, however, 4chan’s collective tantrums are both anonymous and have real life consequences. What used to sound like innocuous video game jargon or a

How do we talk about speech on campus?

The argument seems never-ending. Every news-conscious college student in the country, or maybe even the world, knows about the issue of campus free speech. Countless publications, professional and amateur, have offered their opinions on the issue of campus speech codes, threatened academic