They Never Stop Running

For many Swarthmore athletes, one season is enough. With daily practices, weekly games, and a full course schedule, the season can certainly be a grueling time. That being said there are many advantages to not being in-season time, namely a much freer

Exploring the history of track and field

I was recently asked to weigh in on a debate among my fellow Willets residents about the validity of assigning the term “sport” to track and field competitions. Most were in favor, though there were still a few dissenters. Track and Field

Relays Highlight Track and Field Championships

It was truly a team effort at the Centennial Conference Championships, held last weekend at Ursinus, last weekend for the Garnet track and field teams.  Both the men and women closed out the indoor season led by tremendous performances by relay squads.

Eric Verhasselt

Athlete of the Week: Eric Verhasselt Sr., Track, Rochelle Park, N.J. What He’s Done: Scored 2,067 points at the Ursinus Pentathlon, good for a top-10 finish at the meet. Favorite Career Moment: After never doing 8 of the 10 events in the