Judy Shelton is a Disastrous Choice for the Federal Reserve

Last summer, President Trump announced that he would nominate Judy Shelton, a conservative economist, to serve on the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve. The Senate took little action towards confirming her until this month, when the Senate Banking Committee held

Trump’s Nominees Will Undermine the Fed

Donald Trump recently announced his intention to fill the two open spots on the Federal Reserve’s Board of Governors by nominating Herman Cain and Stephan Moore. Both have no monetary policy experience and are grossly unqualified for the job, but there’s something

Olé, olé, the bulls are coming

The current bull market, which turned five years old this year, has already earned its place in the august company of the Roaring 20’s and the dot-com boom of 1990s. Ever since late July, when a one-day drop in the Dow wiped

Macroeconomic illiteracy

In his February 24th article, “A critique of the Federal Reserve System,” Eric Yao provides some seriously disturbing, frankly catastrophic, prescriptions for central banking in the United States. In his critique, Yao channels century-old Austrian economic theories that are unfortunately still espoused