My Chemical Romance and the Ghost of Fall Break

Breaks are typically a breath of fresh air — a welcome detox from the overwhelming nature of academia. Breaks are something to look forward to and help cut the monotony of seemingly endless exams, papers, and demanding extracurriculars. After all, nothing beats

Saturday Night Freaking Sucks

[On the Saturday night before class begins, the blue skies are slowly fading along with the sunset, casting a long shadow against the windowsill. Tonight, Don’s room is illuminated by a strong yellow, and together with the album “Evermore” by Taylor Swift

Reality Meets Fall Break

Act 1: Back to the Start [The pathways through Swarthmore College’s lush grounds empty out with the sound of luggage wheels all combining in a cacophony of oscillating friction against the unrefined stone. The dark moon says its prayers for a relaxing

Swarthmore sports fall break update

While most Swarthmore students were at home enjoying fall break and reconnecting with family and friends, many of the varsity sports teams stayed on campus to continue their seasons, or begin preparations for their upcoming year. While both soccer teams, field hockey,

Sometimes, Swatties could use a little SpongeBob

I’ll admit that Swat and SpongeBob, although alliterative, are not at all synonymous. Though maybe, in some ways, they should be. We are six weeks into the semester, and an aggregate of stress can be found formulating in the basement of Cornell

Falling Out of Break

Whether its waiting for class to begin, scooping ice cream in Sharples, or standing in the dorm bathroom with a toothbrush in your mouth, questions about fall break have been the go-to conversation starters for the past two weeks: what did you

On going home and coming back

From the moment I first visited campus during my junior year of high school, Swarthmore felt like home. Standing on Magill Walk, I felt an inexplicable wave of comfort and familiarity. I still do. During the stress of moving in and saying

Fall break offers commitments, new opportunities for students

Fall Break, the annual break approximately halfway through fall semester, begins this Friday, Oct. 7. Although the break is a much welcomed repose for many students to visit their friends and families at home, athletes often have commitments during this time. Boys’