College Blind Spot: Addressing Van Driver Availability

As the Swarthmore COVID bubble continues to deflate, students, clubs, club sports, and other organizations are ramping travel back up to pre-pandemic rates. This travel is, of course, often facilitated by students who hold van driver certifications. To become certified, students must


quit your extracurriculars

One of my least favorite aspects of wisdom is how difficult it is to acquire. Acquiring wisdom takes time, of course. But it oftentimes also takes emotional difficulty, self-doubt, and, my least favorite of all, soul-searching. I don’t know if people exist

With Activities, Quality over Quantity

When we were in high school, college admissions officers taught us that we needed to be as involved as possible. We needed the hardest classes, the best grades, and the most leadership positions. This mindset not only put an inordinate amount of