Swarthmore Names Elizabeth Drake Director of Sustainability

On Jan. 19, the college announced the appointment of interim Director of Sustainability Elizabeth Drake to the position on a permanent basis by President Valerie Smith. The first thing Drake wants students to know is that they are in the driver’s seat.


What Happened To Nuclear Power?

Modern society runs on electricity. It lights our cities, runs our factories, and powers the computer that I’m typing this on right now. And it will only become more necessary as we electrify various parts of society that still use oil and

On Denialism

Every day I wake up in denial. I need to deny the absolute insanity of the world we live in just to function on a day-to-day basis. I actively push aside thoughts about how I am affected by and how I am

Report on Waste Finds Progress and Areas for Improvement

The college’s Zero Waste working group will share a report detailing the college’s work towards becoming a Zero Waste campus in the near future. The report found that the college has made improvements in the diversion of waste from incineration, but that

Serenity Soular Wellness Event

Last Friday, Feb. 7, Serenity Soular hosted a wellness event in the Eldridge Commons at the Science Center. Students were treated to snacks and essential oils, got to make their own tea bags, and also took home some free succulents.  Serenity Soular,

Six Swatties Arrested in Capitol Climate Change Protest

Over 150 members of Sunrise — including 14 Swatties — descended on the Capitol on Tues, Nov. 13 to demand that House Democrats create a “Green New Deal.” The Capitol Police eventually arrested six Swarthmore students, along with about 50 other protesters,

The Necessity for an Infusion of Environmental Justice

Earlier this month, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published a report warning the world that if we don’t act radically, our planet will, in the very near future, become unlivable. The report states that if we do not reduce greenhouse

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