Not all Wages are Created Equal

Swarthmore refuses to adapt its wage policies to resolve the labor shortage on campus. Simply put, the college needs to give higher pay to incentivize students to work more-challenging campus jobs. Swarthmore needs to increase the tiers of payment reserved for more


Shift to Online Classes and COVID-19 Updates

Spring semester to be completed online with credit/no credit While Swarthmore classes had previously been scheduled to move online until April 3, President Valerie Smith sent out an email on March 17 sharing the administration’s decision that all classes will remain online

Pat Osowski, Beloved Sharples Employee, Leaves College

Pat Osowski, a former Sharples employee beloved by many students, no longer works for the college. Osowski stated that she was terminated by Sharples management over the summer. The college’s Human Resources Department declined to comment due to the confidential nature of

Swarthmore Should Pay Students More

On Aug. 9th, Swarthmore College Dean of Admissions Jim Bock, sent out an email to the student body informing us that they are no longer paying students to host prospective and accepted applicants. In the email, he detailed that instead of getting