SGO Elects New Leaders, Sees Increase in Voter Turnout

On April 13, Murtaza Ukani ’22 and Ella Vetter ’22 were announced as the new Student Government Organization President and Vice President respectively for the 2020-2021 school year. There were three different pairs running for President and Vice President this year. Ukani

Suburbia Goes Blue

The blue wave buoying Democrats across the country has come to Delaware County. For the first time since the Civil War, Democrats control the County Council. It’s an impressive feat of political organizing, and an encouraging defeat for old-fashioned machine politics. But

Ending 150 Years of Republican Rule in Delaware County

Bringing an end to 150 years of uninterrupted Republican political control, the Democrats of Delaware County made history in this week’s elections by winning control of the Delaware County Council. The Democrats now occupy all five seats on the County Council. Delaware

After Delay, SGO Holds Executive Board Elections

SGO Executive Board elections, originally scheduled to begin on April 9, were delayed to April 11. On Tuesday April 9, Student Outreach Chair Ash Shukla ’22 sent an email to the student body informing that the scheduled SGO Town Hall would be

Six Swatties Arrested in Capitol Climate Change Protest

Over 150 members of Sunrise — including 14 Swatties — descended on the Capitol on Tues, Nov. 13 to demand that House Democrats create a “Green New Deal.” The Capitol Police eventually arrested six Swarthmore students, along with about 50 other protesters,

A Stepping Stone for Progressives

Across the country, millions of voters headed to the polls on November 6 to cast a ballot in this year’s midterm elections. NPR notes that voter turnout was the highest for a U.S. midterm election since 1966, with 47 percent of eligible

We Must Keep our Attention Local

There is much to be optimistic about from Tuesday’s midterm elections. Democrats flipped the House of Representatives, giving them the control over motions brought to the floor and the power to subpoena the President, which will allow them to investigate Trump’s tax


What’s on your Ballot? 161st District Edition

This midterm election, the town of Swarthmore is well-represented in the polls. Three out of five positions on the ballot include candidates who are residents of the town and its immediate surroundings.  Swarthmore was also recently moved into the 5th congressional district,


Your Vote Matters

Climate change is not an issue that just occurred recently. Adopted in 1997, the Kyoto Protocol, which urges all nations to reduce release of greenhouse gas, demonstrates climate change as a serious global issue that needs an immediate solution. 20 years later,