Olé, olé, the bulls are coming

The current bull market, which turned five years old this year, has already earned its place in the august company of the Roaring 20’s and the dot-com boom of 1990s. Ever since late July, when a one-day drop in the Dow wiped


Faculty Facilitate Teach-In on Climate Change

Divestment is becoming an increasingly salient issue both at Swarthmore and at colleges and universities around the country. The movement, which aims to compel colleges and universities to stop investing in companies that produce fossil fuels, has grown rapidly over the last


Economy Affects Departmental Tenure Distribution

For a professor at Swarthmore, receiving tenure is a lengthy and complicated task. First, it involves teaching and researching in a tenure track position for what is typically a six-year period. After that, candidates undergo a lengthy review process. A dossier of


Swarthmore 2012 Graduates Find Jobs Despite Economic Downturn

Despite the recession and economic downturn, Swarthmore students have continued to secure post-graduate employment in impressive numbers. This steady trend owes itself primarily to diversity in fields of study and to a strong institutional relationship with alumni of varied career paths.Career Services

Unbudgeted leadership in the United States Senate

Depending on your political beat, Congressman Paul Ryan is either a neatly-combed, responsible Midwesterner with some budgetary bravery, or an entitlement-slashing, Ayn Rand-worshiping fiend disguised as a harmless congressional geek. Jekyll and Hyde have apparently arrived on the House floor. I, for