Bedroom Scene Breaks Boundaries on Stage

Last weekend on LPAC main stage a student theater production took place, transforming the grand space into an intimate environment between student and actor. With a bed as its centerpiece, actors wandered around on stage before the show began, in a moment

Amazing Talent at the Playwright’s Festival

Last weekend Swarthmore’s Drama Board put on a Playwrights festival in Olde Club. This event featured five plays and writers, six directors, 22 different actors, and also the help of many other students. Walking into Olde Club, one could notice the cozy

Building Communities in Yellow Stockings

As the lights dim in Upper Tarble, the last of the audience members take their seats, and murmurs fade away into silence. The actors are scattered behind the curtain, some peeking through its narrow seam as others tightly clutch their props, preparing