A Small Review on Swarthmore’s Smallest Dorm

Apparently, one of Swarthmore’s solutions to the residential overcrowding crisis was to put nine people into Kyle House, a dorm that has been offline for two and a half years due to the construction of Singer Hall. It also does not have

What’s that smell? Nothing. It’s Lights.

Simon Bloch ’17 and Ian Grant ’17 are living together for the first time this year. While they have many activities and interests in common, their first team effort as roommates was buying their rocking chair. After an early morning trip to

High-tech dorm rooms still feel like home

With the school’s limited air conditioning and old-fashioned key hole doors, many students agree that Swarthmore is not the most technologically advanced campus. Although many students bring basic technology to their dorm rooms, some go above and beyond. Lanson Tang ‘18, George

Students dive into home decorating

One of the many hardships that first-years face is the task of creating a comfortable living space. And no, I am not talking about the dilemma of finding extra-long mattress padding in department stores. Let’s scratch Webster’s definition of a dorm being

Rediscovering safety in their own space

What makes a room feel safe? This question is especially pertinent here at Swarthmore, where the high-stress environment reinforces the need to create a space where one is comfortable: an escape of sorts from campus life. In building a home away from

Dorm Dive: Things That Make Us Happy

The infamous Willets dorm is the best place to live for four Sophomore roommates. Estefania Brambila-Olmedo ’15, Tamsin True-Alcala ’15, Kate Wiseman ’15, and Eve DiMagno ’15 reside in a two-room quad on the second floor of Willets. The wall surrounding the