Garrett Bradley talks ‘TIME’

On Monday, February 22, the Bryn Mawr Film Institute began its Strange Truth 2021 documentary series with a showing of Garrett Bradley’s award-winning film, “TIME” (2020). A talk with the director, Bradley, and moderator, Swarthmore Professor Nina Johnson of the sociology department,

The New Taylor Comes to the Phone in “Miss Americana”

Content warning: eating disorders, sexual assault  In “Miss Americana,” Taylor Swift explains why she declared the Old Taylor dead in her 2017 comeback anthem, “Look What You Made Me Do.” The documentary shows Swift after she returned to the public eye from

The 2018 Anti-Oscars

If you watched the snoozefest that was this year’s Oscars, you might believe that 2018 was a terrible year for movies. The Best Picture winner, Green Book, was a forgettable retread of Driving Ms. Daisy, and most of the other nominees will

“Sugarcoated Arsenic” Doesn’t Sugarcoat its Material

Students, faculty, and staff gathered in Science Center room 101 for a screening of “Sugarcoated Arsenic,” a film by University of Virginia Associate Professor of African American and African Studies and History Claudrena Harold, and U.Va Professor of Art Kevin Jerome Everson,

Dual film screening asked to whom history belongs

Hong Kong-based filmmaker and film professor Louisa Wei let her work speak mostly for itself when she presented it to a smattering of students and other community members on Tuesday,  October 7 in the LPAC Cinema.  She introduced her movie, “Golden Gate


History Speaks

A symposium titled “Memory, Oral History, and Documentary Filmmaking in Latin America” will be co-hosted by Swarthmore and the University of Pennsylvania today and tomorrow. Organized by Swarthmore history professor Diego Armus and history professor and director of the Latin American Studies