Rethinking the Way We Talk About Climate Change

In my Introduction to Environmental Studies class, one of our first projects was about climate communication. In order to be a compelling environmental activist, we reasoned, you have to be able to start productive conversations with the vast majority of Americans, most

On our op-ed section

A dialogue has opened up on campus and around the nation about the role of journalism. As the nation becomes more and more polarized, so too do news organizations and publications. Publications are easily labeled “conservative” or “liberal,” and their readers often


Divestment dialogue leads to sit-in

On Friday, Swarthmore’s Student Government Organization hosted a forum on divestment in the Friends Meeting House that included President Valerie Smith, Mountain Justice Coordinator, Aru Shiney-Ajay ’20, Professor and Chair of the History Department Timothy Burke, Associate Professor and Acting Chair of

A farewell to arms

This semester, the Phoenix named as co-Editors in Chief two people who, it could be reasonably assumed, held some suspicions of each other. One was an Econ major, the other studied Education; one a man, the other, a woman; one a fraternity

The dissonant muse of academic writing

My recent consumption of deficient print media inspired the following opinion, which will address the verbose nature of contemporary stylistic tendencies in academic literature. Perhaps I’ll start again: after reading some awful prose, I’ve decided to talk about wordy academic writing. We’ve