Artist of the Week Hillary Kim ’25 on Art for Its Own Sake

Hillary Kim ’25 is an applied math major. Yet, art permeates her life at Swarthmore. After attending an arts-oriented high school in California, art became Kim’s norm, a grounding and standard part of both her experience and expression.  “When I got here


Artist of the Week: Yanyi Liu on Art and Design

Perhaps you’ve noticed this past week that some Swarthmore students have been sporting matching long-sleeved white t-shirts. The back of the shirt uses light green and yellow tones to depict three campus scenes with an intersection of nature and architecture, painted by

Swarthmore students represent college at hacking competition

A contingent of students traveled last weekend to the inaugural “Unhackathon” competition in New York City. The group included Dakota Pekerti ’16, Yenny Cheung ’16, Alpha Chau ’16, Uriel Mandujano ’16, and Jihoon Sun ’16. Although these students organized the trip together,