Žižek Has Lost the Plot

It is Slavoj Žižek who I have to thank for much of my interest in philosophy — and perhaps most of my intellectual outputs. A chance encounter with his books “Living in the End Times” and “The Parallax View,” which I painstakingly

The Wrong Kind of Autopsy

 Recently, there has been an increase in news stories surrounding the deaths of rappers, such as Pop Smoke and PnB Rock, and members of the general public. Both have become the source of scrutiny not because of their untimely passing, but the


Swat Community Grapples with War in Ukraine

Less than a week since Vladimir Putin declared war on Ukraine on Thursday, Feb. 24, Russian forces have already destroyed hundreds of “transport infrastructure facilities, homes, hospitals and kindergartens,” killed at least 2,000 people, and forced an estimated 650,000 people to neighboring