Investigating the Cunningham Fire: Part 1 of ??

Note: this is satire (or is it??) On Saturday, September 21, in a campus-wide text message alert, Public Safety warned Swarthmore students of a fire raging on the grassy plain known as Cunningham Field. Pub Safe could not identify the source of

Men’s Club Soccer Profile

While the Swarthmore varsity soccer teams are set to begin their conference campaigns, another competitive soccer team at Swarthmore has begun its season in earnest. Four matches into its 10 game season, the Men’s Club Soccer Team has posted a 2-2 record

The State of our Athletic Facilities

There are certain realities about athletics facilities on campus that the athletic department and the college can’t ignore. The Lamb-Miller Field House has basically reached the end of it’s life. Perhaps back when it was built in 1935 it was able to