Creating, Not Competing

People say that art is a way to “express yourself.” Then why don’t I do it for myself?  As a child, the arts were an outlet for me. I was completely authentic to myself while dancing or playing the piano, and I

Physics Lab Dropped the Ball

I am displeased with how our Physics Department has served me. Not in that it had bad intentions or treated me with disrespect, but it failed to teach me what it means to do physics. Specifically, I am unhappy with the Physics

Generation Z’s Preferred Medium for Artistic Sharing

As an artist in quarantine, I find myself agonizing over the thought that I must create amazing work during this time. I continuously hear the phrase ‘Shakespeare wrote King Lear in quarantine,” an idea that I think is meant to be inspiring,

Jukebox: the power of the playlist

I have a playlist for just about every genre and every mood. There’s “Air Karaoke.” “Lazy.” “Jitters.” “Covers.” “Classic Rock.” “If You Don’t Know the Song, Ask Your Parents.” I could keep going. “Boy Bands.” “Candy Kids.” “Jukebox.” “Dance Around.” There are

From dreams to reality: waking up, making up

Stereotypically, creative acts take place in the depths of the night, when the world is asleep and a single soul’s inspiration, like a lightning bolt sent down specially by God, strikes! But there is a different, quotidien process of delicate creation that

Painter, animator, Leich leads artistic postgrad life

For students at an institution that boasts the title “Liberal Arts College,” Swatties seem to most frequently pursue majors in the sciences, with biology, computer science, and political science topping the list of most popular majors. The art departments, including art history,