Artist of the Week: Selma Wu ’25 on Visual Experiences

“I’m always a very visual person,” expressed Selma Wu ’25. During our interview, I came to realize that Selma is both humble and interdisciplinarily talented, having had no professional training in art but rather a lifelong experience with optical aesthetics. In fact,

The Tree of Us in a March Chinook

In the spring of 2018, I paused on the steep, tightly coiled stairs that lead up to the third floor of Beardsley, catching my breath. I was on my way to a class that I was more excited about than any class

Profiles in Art: Yixuan “Maisie” Luo, Piecing Life Together

Above the restless heads of students waiting in long lunch lines that extend beyond the double stairs at Sharples, three paintings — “Man Eating Crispy Chicken,” “Man Eating Greasy Pizza,” and “Woman Eating Juicy Wrap” — silently loom. True to their straight-forward

Making the Best of It: Lessons from a Tangled Mess

Over break I started on something years in the making: “The Icarus Shawl.”When completed, I will have my own pair of golden, lacy wings connected by a feathered back and tail. From the moment I found the pattern and accompanying photos I

Making the Best of It: Crochet Resources

Whether you believe or not, spring break is finally within reach! Ten days of free time, here we come! With all that free time, it’s the perfect opportunity to pick up a new hobby that will give you a break from all

Making the Best of It: A Talk with Tara

One of the first makers that I met at Swarthmore my freshman year was found in an unexpected place: the freshman job fair. Costume shop manager Tara Webb ’ 94 was there looking for student shop assistants. I recently sat down with