New Community Commons Set for Feb. 29, Other Construction Updates

“You’ve probably noticed that things look a little different around campus,” said Ryder Maston ’26 in a recent video informing the Swarthmore community about construction for the Spring semester.  Maston, an intern with the College’s Office of Sustainability, spent the video running

Students Raise Accessibility Concerns Amid Increased Construction

Increased construction and the recent heat wave have exacerbated pre-existing accessibility issues on campus. Routes to classes are longer and more variable, resulting in frustration among the student body. In an interview with The Phoenix, Rose West ’26 shared concerns she had

Fixing Our Fences

I often end up lost in the sauce of campus life, so to speak, and for those who know me well, I vacillate between “welp, it is what it is” and “this is mission critical and must be addressed.” I lead with

Artist of the Week Elliot Kenaston on (De)construction

When Elliot Kenaston ’22 faced the prospect of spending his academic year confined indoors due to COVID, he opted to take a gap year instead to hone in on a new, tangible skill: woodworking. Elliot, who grew up in Fairbanks, Alaska, clearly

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