How To Save The Planet 101: Degrowth vs Green Growth 

The term “degrowth,” is an economic concept gaining more traction in Europe than it is in the United States right now. Degrowth is shaped by the recognition that economic growth is directly related to increased carbon emissions. It emphasizes the harmful effects

Swarthmore Names Elizabeth Drake Director of Sustainability

On Jan. 19, the college announced the appointment of interim Director of Sustainability Elizabeth Drake to the position on a permanent basis by President Valerie Smith. The first thing Drake wants students to know is that they are in the driver’s seat.


No, We Are Not Okay: It is Time We Pop the Bubble

We students talk a lot about the Swarthmore “bubble” — that invisible structure that keeps us isolated from the outside world in our ivory tower of academia. Yes, we sometimes venture into Philly and Chester and the surrounding community, but by and large,


What Happened To Nuclear Power?

Modern society runs on electricity. It lights our cities, runs our factories, and powers the computer that I’m typing this on right now. And it will only become more necessary as we electrify various parts of society that still use oil and

Journalism As Activism: A Talk With Photojournalist Marcio Pimenta

On Feb. 19 and 20, Marcio Pimenta, an internationally-recognized freelance photographer and journalist, held a student talk and public lecture discussing entry into the journalism profession and the activism aspect of the industry. Pimenta’s two events were sponsored by the Lang Center

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